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Sunday, January 29, 2006


I am a film obsessive who dreams of one day directing major feature films (statement of intent!!!). Whilst learning how to achieve this aim, I have been keeping notebooks for a few years, and only recently start to type up my notes for a little webpage. This blog is kind of an electronic notebook for anything I stumble across related to film making, or just to keep random notes. I am going for force myself to keep a log of all the films I watch and anything I have learnt from them related to making movies.

This evening, I went to see Steven Spielberg new film Munich and I rather enjoyed it! It was so gorgeously shot. As with all of Spielberg's films, the cinematography was first class. Lots of greens and blues, with strong whites - which underscored the tone of the film, much in the same way they were used in The Constant Gardener. Is any Spielberg scene complete without a bit of dry ice to texture the lighting? Like The Constant Gardener, there was plenty of handheld work, reminiscent of the cinema vertiƩ style that was highly popular in 70s American movies such as Dog Day Afternoon and The French Connection.

The storyline was highly appropriate to the current political climate, and treated very well by Mr. Spielberg. The "hits" throughout the film did get a little repetitive, and the inevitable loss of their team members along the way was a tad predictable. However, the fatal blow was the over moralising ending which dramatically softened the impact of the film for my tastes. Where as The Constant Gardener delivered a great climax, Munich fizzled out. Still, it's Spielberg best film in years, he's the governor, so who am I to comment?!


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